UK School Partnership

During 2012 our school partnership was formally established with Cymmer Infant School in Wales in the UK, through a grant by The British Council.

A Visit to Cymmer Infant School

As part of the partnership our school Director Kakembo Mary went to Cymmer Infant School in May 2012.  She spent time at the school where staff, children and parents were very welcoming.  She talked about life in Uganda and about St Kizito Junior School to the children aged 3 years to 7 years.  Kakembo Mary also visited a Secondary School and an Institute of Higher Education.  During this time she learnt much about teaching styles and resources used in the UK.  It was an extremely valuable experience.

In February 2012 two teachers from our partnership school in the UK came to visit our school.  The teachers, Jones Jan and Brookes Anne, brought many teaching resources.  They spent time in each class and discussed issues such as stereotyping and life in the UK.  Our children at St Kizito were very keen to learn and were extremely welcoming.  They enjoyed learning about aeroplanes.  The two visiting teachers had an amazing experience as the education systems in the UK and Uganda are very different.

Visit from Cymmer Infant School

We plan to develop this partnership further by improving contact between each school through email and skype.  Also, through further grants from The British Council we aim to visit each others’ school to deepen our relationship and understanding of each other.